Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New Lobster Elite five tennis ball machine is the premium battery operated machine

This premium grade Lobster ball machine has all the features you would need and want. It's at the top of the battery operated market in both features and price. With a price tag of around $2500 US dollars it has some kick to it. Program you drill sequence, create match play simulations all from the remote control unit. This machine along with a 2 year warranty has it all. It's portable and great for the park or club setting. Find out more about this product at the Lobster Website.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is your purpose in buying a tennis ball machine

The first consideration when deciding on purchasing a tennis ball machine is answering the question "What are my goals for purchasing this machine and why am I buying a tennis ball machine?" This question will allow you to start accessing your needs. Think about where you plan on using the ball machine, do you own a tennis court, have tennis courts available that have power for you to plug in, readily available for your use, ease of getting a ball machine to the location, how big is your vehicle, do you need to fit it in the trunk of a car, how often will you be using it, does the tennis club offer a ball machine rental, will they let you take your ball machine to the courts, how loud will it be especially if you plan on using it indoors. These are just a few things to think about initially that will help you once we start looking at the various components and capabilities of the various tennis ball machines.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to choose the right tennis ball machine for your needs

To address the many questions on what type of ball machine is best, I have decided to provide a series of posts to address this concern and to help the readers know what questions to ask when deciding on choosing a tennis ball machine for purchase. There are a number of tennis ball machines on the market from top brands such as Wilson, Prince, Tennis Tutor and Lobster that have some similiar features but the specifics might not meet your ultimate goals if you don't know what you really want out of a tennis ball machine. Over the next few weeks I will break down the process to best support your future purchase.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wilson tennis ball machine with two player feature and remote with a weight of only 38 pounds

You won't find out much about tennis ball machines on Wilson's website but the Wilson Tennis ball machine with remote weighs only 38 lbs. It has enhanced portability and offers some professional level features. Two convenience features include a remote and a 2 person feature, this feature lets you hit one shot to the forehand and one to the back hand allowing two players to be on the court to access the shots. WIth built in oscillator, spin control and one year warranty has you covered. Most retailers offer free shipping and you can pick this machine up for around 1000 dollars.

what type of tennis balls are best for tennis ball machines

I have been spending some time reviewing various tennis ball machines and it wasn't until I read an article I came across at that I started to think about what balls might hold up better in ball machines. The article didn't cover much info except that pressureless balls are best, stay away from worn out balls and don't use oversize tennis balls.

Tennis ball machines are used less frequently than ball hoppers and might sit for some time before being used, pressureless balls might be your best way for keeping the balls from becoming flat. Check out tennis online retailers like and Gamma SPorts for good deals on pressureless tennis balls.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Novak Djokovic vs. Tennis Machine funny take on the ball machine madness

CHeck out this seemingly funny look at Novak Djokovic, a great individual with a funny personality..

see the ISAM tennis ball machine in action with this video

The ISAM is a tennis ball machine that is perfect for the home court or to use at your local courts. I have seen many players use this type of machine at the indoor courts at tennis clubs. Its perfect because its not loud like some machines and portable enough for you to transport to and from the location each time. CHeck out this machine and watch a short video on the machine in action.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Portable tennis ball machines don't need to be expensive

Do you want to improve your game, looking for more consistancy, don't have a regular tennis partner, than a portable tennis ball machine might be the perfect companion. Save money on tennis lessons or rental fees by purchasing your own portable tennis ball machines. Several quality machines are available from Prince, Lobster and Tennis Tutor. Over the next several weeks I hope to address some important tips and suggestions to aid you in purchasing your next portable tennis ball machine.

The Tennis Tutor is a reliable machine at an affordable price. Base models with everything you need start around $600.00 dollars. More on this tomorrow.