Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is your purpose in buying a tennis ball machine

The first consideration when deciding on purchasing a tennis ball machine is answering the question "What are my goals for purchasing this machine and why am I buying a tennis ball machine?" This question will allow you to start accessing your needs. Think about where you plan on using the ball machine, do you own a tennis court, have tennis courts available that have power for you to plug in, readily available for your use, ease of getting a ball machine to the location, how big is your vehicle, do you need to fit it in the trunk of a car, how often will you be using it, does the tennis club offer a ball machine rental, will they let you take your ball machine to the courts, how loud will it be especially if you plan on using it indoors. These are just a few things to think about initially that will help you once we start looking at the various components and capabilities of the various tennis ball machines.


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  2. Such a great and informative blog. I'm a tennis fan and I can say that is the question that most of us want to be answered. I'm still thinking if I need one.