Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheap tennis ball machine

With a heading like cheap tennis ball machine I am sure to get some interest.  When I think of the word cheap my first thoughts aren't on good deal or low price but on quality instead.  Ball machines are an essential training tool and part of your equipment.  This Tennis Tutor machine is listed at a low 229.00 dollars and sure to be one of the lowest price....excuse me.... cheapest ball machines I have seen. 

A few features include 5 second interval shot timer, ball arc can be adjusted from 12' to 20' in length, holds up to 28 balls, adjustable range and great for driveways, backyards ,etc.  Its light weight and battery operated.  This is a great entry level and good for the junior player looking to improve his tennis game.

Don't buy anything before you had a chance to read some reviews, you can see some for the Tennis tutor here.

To find a machine under 500 should be carefully thought over but for the beginner this might be the place to shop, give it a try today.

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  1. These tennis ball machines would have been great when we were kids and practising our tennis! Today the Davis Cup is being played in Cairns, Qld Australia and the weather hasn't been co-operating like it usually does. Rain has delayed a few matches and if Australia doesn't win a rubber today, we won't be 'up there' with the world's best! Go Australia! :-)