Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The most advanced tennis ball machine and its only 12,000 dollars

You probably have seen many versions, brands and models of ball machines ranging from beginning models to some designed for tennis professional workouts.  Well, the Pro Tennis Super Coach seems to have all the features and the price tag to prove it.  THe product tagline is "where technology and creativity meets, innovation is born!" 

It appears that this machine can raise your level of play.  It has some great features.

1. Microcomputer controlled.
2. 32programs can be saved. Each program can contain maximum of 30 strokes.
3. Random mode and 12 preprogrammed coaching routines.
4. Ball capacity: 200 or 300 balls.
5. Size: H=36" (91cm) L= 27" (68cm) W= 22" (56cm)
6. Weight: 170lbs (77kg)
7. 110/220 V operation, 6A max at 110V
8. The programming mode allows customizing each and every stroke.
9. Optional package to create programs on a Windows based prsonal computer and download it to the SuperCoach control panel. It also allows program upload to the PC for saving it if all 32 locations are full on the CP.
10. Same options allows firmware update of both the CP and SuperCoach when new features become available.

Check it out at the SuperCoach Website.  I think this machine might rank up with the likes of SAM Tennis Machine Robot!

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