Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lobster tennis ball machines elite grandslam limited edition

It wasn't too long ago that Lobster was making tennis ball machines that sounded like vacuum cleaners or shop vacs.  Lobster has done a tremendous transformation of its ball machines and has developed some top grade professional tennis ball machines.

We still own the traditional lobster model that sounds like your old vacuum cleaner, it works great but its not practical if you are practicing indoors.  Just try and use it during hours others are on the tennis court, your sure to get some dirty looks real quick.   In the early days you could'nt stray too far from the wall outlet because these machines were not battery powered. 

The NEW Elite grandslam V limited edition portable tennis ball machine from Lobster offers customizable drill settings, program and save speed settings, spin and placement settings, take it to go and it includes a 2 year warranty.

Its worth checking out what lobster has to offer today and the prices are competitive..

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